Barrier’s of Multiculturalism in Health Care: Connecting Cultures of Beliefs

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Kimberly Scott, Medical Assisting Instructor / Doctorate of Business Administration, Exploring the Dynamics of Knowledge Sharing / Multiculturalism in Health Care

The impact of multiculturalism on health care is vast. It is a barrier to communication, understanding of illness, how illness and pain are experienced and expressed, where patients seek help and patients understanding of treatment.

kimberly scott

Kimberly Scott, Medical Assisting Instructor at Keiser University

Doctorate of Business Administration,

Field Of study International/Global Studies, 

Keiser University-Ft Lauderdale

 The goal of my study is to determine knowledge sharing behavior focusing on healthcare workers and their national culture. These individuals consist of: physicians, nurses, administrators, technologists, technicians, therapists, etc. (anyone whose duty depends on sharing information). The study is a huge benefit to the Healthcare field. Most of all, it allows us to learn how to share knowledge effectively across nationalities today.

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“If you can change the way people think. The way they see themselves. The way they see the world. You can change the way people live their lives. That’s the only lasting thing you can create.”  ― Chuck Palahniuk, Choke 

We are entering a new era in health care and new skill sets will be needed for 21st Century Medical Assistant and  Allied Health Educators.

Inside Medical Assisting Podcast will introduce you to impactful, at times, deviate from the conventional, and present personal experiences, ideas, people that affect and Influence the Front line professions and You.

From different perspectives, including psychology, sociology, philosophy, neuroscience, and biochemistry. What has emerged in the course of the years is that not only should health professionals learn technical skills, but they also should develop appropriate social skills to better interact and communicate with their patients. 

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