Mandy Boger, Medical Assistant, Advocate, Going The Extra Mile For HIV And Hep-C Patients.

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The willingness to make a difference in the lives of people!

Mandy Boger

What I wish to change about healthcare!

If more PCP doctors would be willing to test and treat we could get further with insurance not many PCP doctors want to learn about Hep c treatment.

I am very Passionate about Hep C and HIV care. I room for one of the best NP providers ever who has taught me to love these people.

What I wish to change about healthcare is all patients with Hep c could be treated, I just think if insurance would approve people to be treated we can stop the spread, I will fight for any patient until I get my way or until the battle comes to an end.

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Dennis C Myers: Family Nurse Practitioner at Evansville Multi-Specialty Clinic

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