Team Based Care, The Future Of Primary Care: The Changing Role Of The Medical Assistant

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Mark Valenti, Director of Practice Transformation Describes The Why Of Team Based Care In The Allegheny Health Network

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Today, many fundamentals of the healthcare landscape are rapidly changing, organizations are finally looking beyond clinical care to dramatically enhance health outcomes. 

Teamwork in healthcare is vitally important to patient treatment, care and safety. The better the members of a healthcare team are able to work together, the better they are able to provide the best quality patient care possible. ... Teamwork in healthcare uses that sort of constant communication.

The Why Of Team Based Care

Why does the integration of team-based care with patient-centered care warrant attention? Two primary areas of concern and inquiry have emerged in response to the transition to team-based primary care: (1) the structures, processes, knowledge, and supports that are needed in the primary care practice to create and sustain effective teams; and (2) the potential effects of this transition on relationships among team members, and between patients and those who provide care.

As primary care practices adopt a team-based model of care, a significant challenge is identifying and providing them with the structures, processes, and other types of support (such as training) they need to facilitate and sustain effective communication among provider team members and develop and maintain good intra-team relationships. Effective communication is essential in ensuring that care is continuous and patient-centered, as well as coordinated and coherent; it is the pathway through which team members become aware of each patient's needs, culture, values, and preferences, and understand one another's role in delivering care to the patient. READ MORE!

Mark Valenti, Director of Practice Transformation Allegheny Health Network. 

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Mark talks about How Team Based Care will Transform primary care, the patient experience, patient engagement, your new professional role and how it will awaken the need of Inter-Professional collaboration.

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Mark Valenti

“If you can change the way people think. The way they see themselves. The way they see the world. You can change the way people live their lives. That’s the only lasting thing you can create.”  ― Chuck Palahniuk, Choke 

From different perspectives, including psychology, sociology, philosophy, neuroscience and biochemistry. What has emerged in the course of the years is that not only should health professionals learn technical skills, but they also should develop appropriate social skills to better interact and communicate with their patients. 

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