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Medical Assistants Can Be On Forefront Of Making Empathic Care A Norm In Healthcare

Creating A New Image Of The Medical Assistant In Healthcare


Empathy falls under Social Awareness. This skill reflects a person’s ability to connect with others and to relate to them which is an essential skill in building and managing healthy relationships. Without the ability to understand what another is going through, our relationships remain superficial and without the depth and richness that occurs when we share an emotional connection. Opportunity is lost.

Without empathy, people tend to go about life without considering how other people feel or what they may be thinking. Each of us has differing perspectives. We all experience moods, pain and hurt, joy and sadness. And we are so limited when we only see our own perspective. Without taking a moment to assess another, it is easy to make assumptions and jump to conclusions. This often leads to misunderstandings, bad feelings, conflict, poor morale.

Katherine Schoonhoven
Katherine Schoonhoven

Katherine (Kathy), Schoonhoven, (Certified Medical Assistant, AAMA) Highland Community College Medical Assisting Program  Instructor, Speaker of the House
AAMA/Illinois State Society of Medical Assisting

“I believe being in health care you have to want to help, educate, advocate, and lend a compassionate ear”. “You definitely have to love all kinds of people with different personalities and, at times, they come to you at their most vulnerable time in their life.”

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What we Believe is listening and empathizing can have a profound effect on biological and functional health outcomes as well as patient satisfaction and experience of care. Further, encouraging communication on all levels among healthcare team members influences the quality of working relationships, job satisfaction and has a profound impact on patient. It is highly appearing that our health is in some ways strongly dependent on other people. Social support and social interaction have a positive influence on human beings’ physical and mental health. It lowers occurrence of stress, depression, anxiety and also highly affects our endocrine-immune system. So at the end we can say People need People.   Lawrence Laganelli

“If you can change the way people think. The way they see themselves. The way they see the world. You can change the way people live their lives. That’s the only lasting thing you can create.”  ― Chuck Palahniuk, Choke

The Voice of Medical Assisting” Podcast will introduce you to impactful, at times, deviate from the conventional, and present personal experiences, ideas, people that affect and Influence the profession and You.

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